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About Us

MALCO Manufacturing is a proud manufacturer of American-made bakeware and cookware. With over 60 years in the manufacturing business, its no wonder our clients love us. We serve many industries that include manufacturing, restaurants, health care, research laboratories, hospitals, candle makers, and others. We have been proudly serving our clients since 1945.

We craft our products from high-quality aluminum. There's a reason why businesses love aluminum. Aluminum is the perfect metal. We say this because aluminum is malleable and can be formed into many shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs. Aluminum offers maximum heat distribution, reducing energy usage. Aluminum is also recyclable, serving its role in the eco-friendly movement.

We at Malco adopted and have been practicing "sustainability" within our corporate philosophy and manufacturing processes that assure our projects are designed, built and operated in harmony with the environment. MALCO believes in providing environmental stewardship necessary to assure our projects do not contribute to the further deterioration of our environment.

Promise of Authenticity

"Made in the USA" is a seal that you don’t see as much as you used to. We make all of our products here in the USA, specifically at our location in California. By supporting American companies, you contribute to job creation for many families that have to support not only themselves, but their children as well. We’re proud to be an American company.